Odd Future’s Tyler, the Creator has come forward to speak out on his publicized ban from England for the next few years and why he feels singled out.

Tyler, the Creator questioned the motive behind UK’s determination to keep him away.

“What about the people who will make music in the next five years? Are they gonna get banned? Why don’t they ban authors? Writers who write these mystery books about people getting raped and sabotaged and murdered and brainwashed – why don’t they ban them? There are rallies of neo-Nazis in parts of England. And then you’re telling me I can’t come there because of some bullsh*t song, but you got motherf*ckers with swastikas rallying down the street actually promoting hate?” (The Guardian)

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Tyler also revealed he had spent time in England earlier this year.

“They’re following! They’re just followers at this point – to me, at least. Personally. I don’t know. It all came out of nowhere; I was [in London] in May, dude. Two months later they’re like: “Hey, uh, yeah, we reviewed music from a long time ago out of nowhere, [and] you can’t come in.” What?” (The Guardian)

Tyler announced his UK ban on social media last month.

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Last month, Collective Shout, which campaigns against the objectification of women, revealed a nixed Tyler Australia gig.

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