A couple weeks after Kanye West graced the stage of Odd Future‘s second annual Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival concert, group leader Tyler, the Creator has released a full-fledged post on the experience.

Tyler unleashed his emotional tell-all Tumblr post to the masses this week and noted how much it meant for Kanye to come through for him.

“Someone Retweeted An Old Tweet Of Mine From Feb 2012 Yesterday And It Read ‘ I Had A Dream That Kanye Invited Me To Perform LATE With Him. I Wish’. Kanye Came To The Carnival And I Performed Late With Him. My Favorite Song By Kanye, AN Album Cut He NEVER Does, Was Performed Not Only With But During My Set And My Carnival! No Matter if You Hate Me Think Im Stupid Untalented Annoying Or Whatever, I F*CKING WIN AND YOU CAN SUCK MY WHOLE SH*T.” (Tyler, the Creator’s Tumblr)

Mr. West came through for OF with a performance at the Los Angeles Coliseum earlier this month.

And yet, the moment was somewhat surreal. Midway during the Odd Future Carnival that Tyler was throwing, Kanye popped up on stage and began by performing “New Slaves,” a song off of his most recent album, Yeezus. This was followed by Tyler giving Kanye a hug, and then the two transitioning to a song from the beginning of Kanye’s catalog: “Late.” Unfamiliar with the song? It was hidden at the end of Kanye’s album, Late Registration. Kanye asked for Tyler’s help to perform the song, saying that he had not performed the song “in six years.” Tyler willfully obliged, showing how big of a fan he was of the song by knowing it word-for-word. Kanye had some trouble initially, but ended up taking care of the second verse. (Complex)

Last month, Yeezy boasted about how much he respects Tyler.

“Artist. Innovator. A good mentor. He helped me out with some of the [Yeezus] merch. So talented, he understands things. Went to film school, I email him, like, ‘Could you teach me how to make videos?’ Did you see his amazing Mountain Dew commercial before it was banned? It’s the best thing in the last year. You know what should be banned? Stuff that’s whack, not stuff that’s controversial. The world is controversial, classist, racist — so what. You guys are selling soda, be glad someone that creative took a moment to help you do what you do.” (98.7 The Amp)

A few days prior to the concert, Tyler dished out what potential concertgoers could expect from the carnival.

“I’m actually throwing a carnival Saturday cuz I like carnivals and I’m in a position to do awesome stuff like that, so if you’re not weird or nothing, come to the carnival Saturday. It’s at the L.A. Coliseum and I’m gonna be onstage yelling for a hour and probably doing other weird stuff.” (“Arsenio”)

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Check out Kanye West’s performance: