Odd Future’s Tyler, the Creator is not backing down from his stance toward the recent YouTube Music Awards and clarified why he is not behind the video-sharing network’s new annual ceremony.

In Tyler’s perspective, YouTube had a chance to separate itself instead of following the same blueprint as other notable awards shows.

“Oh yeah, I mean, I’m 22, so I kind of grew up in an age where the Internet was there forever and YouTube, the way that it’s set up, it gives young people, whatever, anyone whose creative a platform to showcase their work to people. And for a website like YouTube to have an awards show, you would think that they would use that platform to give creative people that’s not on the Top 20 Billboard or someone that everyone doesn’t know, that’s not popular, a chance to actually get recognition for being creative and being innovative but instead they did the same thing the VMAs or the Billboard Pop Awards did, the Katy Perry‘s and the Justin Bieber‘s. I’m friends with Justin, no offense to Katy, Justin or anybody who was nominated for anything but it’s actually a group of people who don’t listen to the radio and who are sick of seeing the same weak stuff every day.” (“Arsenio”)

Despite appearing at the awards, Tyler did not hold back on dishing out what irked him about YouTube’s inaugural awards show last weekend.

“YouTube, you guys had a beautiful platform to allow actual talent to people who take videos or whatever, on a creative level to actually give them exposure and award them for their creative work but you f*cking idiots decided to do the same sh*t with the same weak a** Katy Perry and Justin Bieber and all these weak a** things that everybody else knows instead of giving people who actually do things a f*cking chance to shine, so, YouTube, suck my d*ck and hopefully when you guys do movie awards, Ghost of the Hotel is nominated.” (Revolt TV)

Tyler and Odd Future sidekick Earl Sweatshirt performed at the star-studded inaugural event.

Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler the Creator then performed “Sasquatch” as they fought their way through a crowd of fans crammed into a bright pink box under the direction of Wolf Haley. The Award for Innovation of the Year was introduced as OK Go painted Schwartzmann up to blend in with a tiger painting. Destorm won for Innovation of the Year for “See Me Standing,” which he called “the dopest paperweight ever.” (PC Mag)

Last month, Tyler made his issues toward YouTube publicly known.

At least two prominent black artists — Flying Lotus and Tyler, the Creator — have spoken up publicly to say that the awards don’t do enough to showcase innovative artists who don’t have major labels backing their work. Tyler, who is ironically slated to perform at the awards ceremony at New York City’s Pier 36, took to Twitter to rail against the awards’ focus on what he called “teeny bopper sh*t.” Flying Lotus also took his complaints to Twitter. “If it’s all about hits sure I get it but let’s be fair. YouTube award nominations clearly don’t care about cutting edge/innovation. They had an opportunity to shine a light on all the artists that they helped to gain notoriety just to shit on them for uber famous acts. No disrespect to the nominees yadda yadda.” (COLORLINES)

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