Odd Future leader Tyler, the Creator has joined in on the political atmosphere with his own take on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump this week.

Tyler showed off a new shirt of the Trumpster being proclaimed as president on Instagram this past Sunday (April 10).

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Last week, rap star Rick Ross revealed his disinterest in staying updated on Trump’s presidential campaign.

“I haven’t been keeping up with that donkey. I keep it real. You know, before the wave, on my album Black Market, I gave everybody my energy so it’s out there. Y’all know how Rozay rock. Now it’s just time for me to continue building my empire regardless who comes in power, Rozay still gonna rise to the top, we don’t give a f*ck about who it is. But we always think about our brothers and the others.” (Tim Westwood TV)

A few days ago, New York rapper Joey Bada$$ weighed-in on Trump running for president.

“With him, he’s rich as f*ck, he’s getting the best looks,” Joey said referring to Trump. “Whether good or bad, all publicity is good publicity. The way the sh*t is going right now, it’s like he’s already the president. Especially with all of this new chaos that’s breaking out at all his rallies – it’s like, ‘Yo. They’re about to turn the f*ck up.’ They’ve been provoking that in us for a minute and I feel like they’re going to go to the most extreme measure they could until we start really turning up and then they can just kill us. Yeah. … This sh*t is like WWE with Donald Trump.” (Whoolywood Shuffle)

Recently, jailed rapper Bobby Shmurda discussed Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton campaigns.

“Oh no, I’m gonna say one thing! Y’all better not have Donald Trump as our president. [Laughs] We cannot have Donald Trump as president. I’m going for Hillary, [Clinton] man. Not Donald Trump. … I like Hillary more because she’s into the people. You know they’ve said that women can’t run the country, but I feel like she’s more independent. She’s got a strong mind state. But Donald Trump’s an a**hole. I don’t care, but he’s an asshole. I definitely don’t want him as our president. [Laughs] The things that be coming out of his mouth is crazy.” (VIBE)