G.O.O.D. Music’s Tyga is getting buried by the Internet this week. New reports claim the hip-hop star is still aching over his former girlfriend Kylie Jenner‘s new love life.

According to an unnamed source, Tyga has lit up Kylie’s phone with drunk messages.

“She wakes up to a string of drunken messages, some angry, some begging her to take him back,” the source said. “He’s totally heart-broken and it comes out when he’s had too much to drink.” (OK! Magazine)

This week, a screenshot surfaced of Tyga co-signing some anti-Jenner shade.

Earlier this week, the West Coast rapper appeared to have possibly trolled Kylie using rap veteran Jay Z‘s “Excuse Me Miss” music video screenshot and lyrics.

Recent reports claimed Tyga has sent endless texts to Jenner following their spring breakup.

“Tyga’s texted and messaged Kylie [Jenner] a number of times, but she’s totally ignoring him, as that ship has sailed as far as she’s concerned — she’s all about Travis [Scott],” an insider close to Khloe Kardashian told HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “Tyga had his chance and he blew it. Kylie says he’s like a little boy compared to Travis, who she says is ‘all man.’ Tyga’s messages started out sweet enough, but he’s also sent a few spiteful ones. Kylie just rolls with it though, she thinks it’s just more evidence of how immature and bitter he is.” (Hollywood Life)