Young Money’s Tyga has dished on his relationship with reality television star Kylie Jenner and confirmed recent buzz about splitting up with video vixen baby mother Blac Chyna.

Tyga said despite the speculation, he sees Kylie as a close friend.

“Kylie? Nah. See the thing about Kylie… I’ve known Kylie and the whole family for four years. I introduced Chyna to Kim [Kardashian] about a year ago. So everybody’s been cool, but like it’s just so hard, their world is different. If somebody wanna hang out, cool, I’m not opposed to hanging out with somebody. I hang out with her [Kylie], her sister [Kendall], I hang out with Scott [Disick] sometimes, I hang out with Khloe sometimes. But people wanna take the situation [with Kylie] to the next level.” (VIBE)

Tyga dishes on his relationship with Blac Chyna right here…

Tyga also explained his publicized recent split from Blac Chyna.

“We decided to take a break apart ‘cause you don’t wanna raise an emotionally unstable child, and that’s what it comes down to. It wasn’t my happiness, and it wasn’t her happiness. It was for the sake of King. I mean, of course I love her. I had a kid with her for a reason. We were together for two years, but sometimes people need to see what life really is without the other person. [They need to experience life] without Prince Charming and really learn responsibility. You can’t change a person.” (VIBE)

According to reports, the 24-year-old linked up with Jenner for a Europe trip last week.

Tyga and Kylie were spotted together at England’s Gatwick Airport on Friday … then traveled on to Bordeaux, France and Geneva, Switzerland … before landing in Athens, Greece where Tyga had a gig Sunday night.

Seems odd that Kylie would go on tour with Tyga — if they’re just friends — but then we noticed the age of consent for sex in those countries:

England — 16
France — 15
Switzerland — 16
Greece — 15 (TMZ)

Tyga engaged in a back-and-forth war of words on Instagram about Kylie a few days ago.

“Nasty a– pedophile..your career and family is worth losing over this Kardashian baby thot @kyliejenner..I hope @blacchyna takes you away from your should be locked up.”

“@smartchik78 why u sound so hateful. U don’t know s—- bout my life but the fake s—- u read online. Worry about your sad boring life. U wish u can have a baby by a n—- like me and live this lifestyle.let me guess no one wants u or ever attempted to spoil u and give u the world like I do for mines. Your ugly not just physically but in your soul. Never speak on on my son.” (MTV)

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