Young Money‘s Tyga is going to have to dig deep into his wallet. The California rapper is reportedly named in a six-figure legal judgement.

According to reports, a judge has ordered Tyga to pay $186,275.89 for damages related to a Cali home he rented out last year.

F&S Investment Properties brought legal action against the 26-year-old back in March, accusing him of damaging the Los Angeles home he had rented to run his side business, Egypt Last Kings Clothing. According to legal documents obtained by PEOPLE, Tyga and Co. quit paying rent and “abandoned the premises without notice” back in June 2015. When F&S reps visited the house, they found it “in gross disrepair, utility bills unpaid, and hazardous environmental waste that required a professional clean-up.” (People)

The rap star also recently owed a jeweler $200,000 for not paying a 2013 bill.

The man with the vendetta is Jason of Beverly Hills — who claims he got screwed out of some serious cash when Tyga stiffed him in a 2013 jewelry deal for a sick watch and chain. Jason went to court and got a $200,000 judgment against Tyga — but he hasn’t seen a single cent and was getting sick and tired of chasing his cash. That is … until he saw Tyga coughed up a huge settlement last week to an old landlord who was ALSO going after the rapper for an old debt. So, Jason says he called the landlord’s attorneys — Danny Abir and Boris Treyzon from Abir, Cohen, Treyzon, and Sal — and hired the guys to do the same thing for him. (TMZ)

Recently, Tyga paid off a landlord debt to avoid getting busted on an arrest warrant.

The rapper Tyga and his former landlord have reached a settlement in their legal dispute over the performer’s rental of a Malibu mansion, clearing the way for a Los Angeles County judge to revoke an arrest warrant issued for him earlier this week after he failed to show up for a court hearing. A confidential settlement was finalized Thursday “to the mutual satisfaction of all parties,” said lawyer Danny Abir, whose firm, Abir Cohen Treyzon Salo LLP, represents the landlord, Gholamreza Rezai. (Los Angeles Times)

The Los Angeles Police Department intended to arrest Tyga once he returned a couple weeks ago from vacationing.

Tyga is about to get an unwelcome homecoming when he returns to the U.S. from Turks and Caicos … he’s probably gonna get arrested. Law enforcement sources tell us … LAPD, L.A. County Sheriffs Dept. and U.S. Customs have been notified … there’s an arrest warrant out for Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend. We’re told when Tyga returns home, U.S. Customs will detain him and notify L.A. authorities, who can then come and hook him up. (TMZ)