West Coast rapper Tyga has no problem admitting he never had an intent to drop a new album this summer. The former Young Money hip-hop artist has dished on dropping an unexpected fire Legendary album.

In a new interview, Tyga kept it 100 on the fans’ new music needs ultimately forcing his LP release.

“I probably stated [recording the album] — I did ‘Taste’ a year ago — so it probably started after that and I really didn’t plan to have a whole album,” Tyga explained of his followup to 2018’s Kyoto. “I was just putting out singles, just putting out party vibes, and I was just recording as I went and people were like ‘We want an album! We want an album!’ So I was like it’s only right one year later, let me drop it for the summer.”  (“On Air With Ryan Seacrest”)

The California native also talked about his close-knit relationships with a few of his album guest features.

“Chris [Brown], I’ve been friends with for like 10 years now and … J Balvin, I’ve always been a fan of his so I kind of just reached out to him,” Tyga shared. “He was like, ‘Yo, man, everything you’re doing, man, congratulations! Your songs, like, let’s work!’ So I sent him … two songs … because I’ve never done a song with a Latin artist, like a collaboration like that, so I sent him another song that was more Latin and it actually didn’t make the album and he was like, ‘No, I want to get on the other one, man! That’s the party one! That’s the club one! I want to be in the club, man!’”  (“On Air With Ryan Seacrest”)

This week, West Coast producer Mustard revealed just how involved he is on Tyga’s latest solo album.

On Thursday, Tyga jumped on Instagram to unload his star-studded album tracklisting.