West Coast rapper Tyga can’t wait to get back to his old way of living. The hip-hop heavyweight has shared some flashbacks to how he used to roll before the country went into lockdown.

Old Thing Back

Tyga went to Instagram last night with the highlight clip as he remembered pre-quarantine life. The video features him turning up on a private jet, checking out cars and ultimately living his best life.

“I miss life” -Tyga’s Instagram

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I miss life

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Tyga remembers pre-quarantine life

Tyga Style

Recently, the Los Angeles native shared a sneak peek into his workout goals. Tyga released a pic of himself shirtless and surrounded by tons of weights, carrying our his workout routine.

“The workout goals stay on for @Tyga #SOHH #SOHHNews” -SOHH’s Twitter

Tyga clocking in his workout routine

Wait, There’s More

A few days prior, Tyga took a break from music-making and delivered pure workout motivation. The hip-hop heavyweight shared a pic of himself shirtless and getting ready for a benchpress set.

“The workout goals stay in full effect. lol @Tyga putting in that at-home grind. #SOHH #SOHHNews” -SOHH’s Twitter

Tyga shows off his home workout gym

Before You Go

Recently, Tyga hit up Instagram with some must-see daddy duties footage. The clip showed him facing off against his mini-me King Cairo.

“#Boredinthehouse” -Tyga’s Instagram

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Bored in the house, Tyga has some fun with his son Cairo