G.O.O.D. Music’s Tyga has found the perfect meme to define his career in 2018. The hip-hop star has hit up social media to share the now-viral “To this day” video and apply it to his hit-making ability.

Tyga hit up Instagram this week with the must-see meme and a salute to his talent.

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In October, Tyga’s Offset-featured “Taste” single hit multi-platinum status.

Since dropping in May, the hit record’s video already has more than 377 million YouTube views.

In September, Tyga said G.O.O.D. Music boss Kanye West loved the “Taste” video.

โ€œWe dropped it the first day and all the reactions, like it was crazy,โ€ he continues. โ€œIt got like, I don’t knowโ€ฆa million views like the first day, something crazyโ€ฆKanye hit me up and he was like, โ€˜Man, this is the best video of all time.โ€™ … That was cool that he checked the video out [as] soon as it came out. And he was like on it, like one of the first people on it so, that was dope.โ€ (Billboard)