Young Money’s Tyga, comedian Kevin Hart and more came out over the weekend to show support for R&B singer Chris Brown at a celebrity-driven children’s toy drive.

Tyga posted a photo from the toy drive alongside Kevin Hart onto his Instagram page.

“Supportin my brotha Toy Drive with @kevinhart4real “Always good to give back”,” Tyga wrote December 22. (Tyga’s Instagram)

Chris Breezy also made sure to send out some shout-outs following the festive holiday event.

“Thank you to all the fans who brought gifts for the kids today. Have a wonderful holiday. You’ve made a merry Christmas for a young child!” (Chris Brown’s Twitter)

With a strict order to head back to his rehab facility, Brown made sure to return once everything ended.

The singer co-hosted the event in Los Angeles, where attendees were asked to bring new, unwrapped Christmas gifts for underprivileged children. He later shared a photo from the outing, and wrote, “MY TEAM IS THE BEST!” At the event’s conclusion, Brown returned to his rehab, where he’s been ordered to stay for anger management treatment since his probation was revoked earlier this month. (Gossip Cop)

According to reports, Chris Breezy had to accept limited freedom to leave rehab for the judge-approved outing.

We’re told Chris only has permission to attend the event from 1pm to 4pm … as soon as it’s over, he has to hightail it back to rehab. The facility is giving him just enough extra time to travel to and from West Hollywood, but that’s it. ZERO free time to hang with friends before or after the event. If he’s late to rehab Sunday evening, Chris is out … which would be real bad … because rehab’s the main reason he’s not in jail right now. You’ll recall, the judge in his Rihanna beating case revoked his probation, but decided not to toss him in the pokey because he was making good progress in treatment. We’re told the rehab facility will also be drug testing Chris when he gets back … so he better not think about blazing either. (TMZ)

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