After mounting speculation courtesy of a freestyle leak, Young Money’s Tyga and Game have unleashed some serious wrath toward their enemies with the new “Chiraq To LA” track.

After letting Tyga fire a shot off, Game let loose with some disses at G-Unit’s 40 Glocc.

“First off lemme go on 40 Glocc again /Talk about my kids on Instagram? N*gga must wanna get his a** socked again! /Tell a lie like I pulled out a Glock on him /Don’t make me resurrect Pac again! /You ScHoolboy like Kendrick and Top and them /Have a b*tch n*gga running to the cops again /It’s all Gucci Mane, Waka Flock and them /(Green Light) /That mean go n*gga, if you ever see this ho nigga, on mama n*gga it’s a /(Green Light) /From where my n*gga died to Riverside, even your n*ggas know it’s a /(Green Light)” (“Chiraq To LA”)

Game also threw himself into Tyga’s beef by going off on Chicago rapper Lil Durk.

“I don’t f*ck with no new n*ggas, they like to sue, no woo n*gga /Tyga hit me like “Durk dissing” /Dirk Nowitzki? Dirk who n*gga? /Never heard of these n*ggas /Some of the nerve of these n*ggas /Don’t make me put on burgundy n*gga /Let the AK (gunshots) I’m serving these n*ggas /Yo T raw, time to murder these n*ggas” (“Chiraq To LA”)

Buzz behind Tyga and Durk’s war of words surfaced online over the weekend.

When Lil Durk recently previewed a new “Chiraq” freestyle in which he took shots at Tyga, the reasoning behind the attack wasn’t too clear. The drill rapper explained in a subsequent interview that Tyga had requested that Durk change a line about Blacc Chyna in one of his raps. Durk, who was apparently paying tribute to Tyga’s girl, rather than dissing her, agreed to change it in exchange for a collaboration with T-raww. (HNHH)

After taking aim at Tyga for losing contact and dropping a diss, the YMCMB member decided to fire back with a jab at Durk.

The Hotel California rapper was apparently cool to do a song with Durk, but later dodged the rapper’s texts when it came time to work together. At that point, Durk decided to diss him on record. That “Chi-Raq” remix just hit the net, and Tyga has already fired back with a clip from his own freestyle over the instrumental. In the Instragram vid we hear T-raww say “N*ggas think that they MCs/ Can’t get touched/ Well it’s hammer time/ Who the f*ck is Lil Durk?” (HNHH)

Check out the new track: