G.O.O.D. Music’s Tyga is really feeling good. The hip-hop artist has bounced back from a publicized store burglary with a smile on his face.

Cameras spotted Tyga this week in Los Angeles getting his Christmas shopping on.

The rapper was spotted Christmas shopping in Beverly Hills Thursday … while rocking an afro instead of his usual cornrows. He made a Prada purchase for somebody on his nice list and went on his merry way. And what’s Tyga Claus riding around in these days? A brand new red and white Bugatti that beats the hell out of Santa’s sleigh. (TMZ)

A few weeks ago, details surfaced on how much Tyga lost in his Last Kings Los Angeles store burglary.

We’re told clothing accounted for $50k of that loss. The rest of the damage was done when they jacked an empty safe worth $250, an $800 flat screen TV, a $500 iPad and part of the security system valued at $1,600. Cops tell us the burglars forced their way in by prying open the back door. They have no suspects yet, but they’re not ruling out an inside job. (TMZ)

Earlier this year, Tyga had social media’s attention after crooning to the world.

Hi #tyga

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In late August, buzz developed about Tyga rolling with a Kim Kardashian lookalike.

He split from girlfriend Kylie Jenner earlier this year, parting ways on good terms. But Kylie will no doubt be surprised to see Tyga was treating Kim Kardashian lookalike Kamilla Osman – who has already appeared on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians – to a shopping spree in Beverly Hills on Wednesday. The rapper looked like the cat who got the cream as he strolled along beside the brunette beauty. (Daily Mail)