It’s funny how negros will empathize with The Lox not getting their publishing, but can’t sympathize with people of color not getting whats due to them. The Lox ain’t built like a bus driver or a train conductor. Maybe the TWU should go on HOT 97 and start a FREE THE TWU T-Shirt campaign. It seems to be the most effective way to reach the hearts of negros these days. [Speaking of which, make sure to cop my limited edition FREE DAVE MAYS T-shirt.]

Now, I would have thought that our regularly scheduled chin checker of the media would be above the Jedi Mind Tricks of the media, but I see he’s not built like that. He’s just another working minority who has been successfully turned against other working minorities. So while he’s on mental strike, I’ll take over and check the media.

The media chin checker told you about the TWU’s plans "to paint themselves as freedom fighters, who only want a fair wage to compensate them for driving buses in circles and doling out change from their token booths" but he did not tell you about how every NYC media outlet has spun stories from the MTA’s point of view.

The media chin checker says he’d trade in his writers position to push a train but you don’t get lung cancer writing a blog. You don’t deal with millions of angry niggas everyday writing a blog. You don’t have back pain from writing a blog. You don’t die before retirement from writing a blog.

Jay DeDapper from WNBC, NY was "reporting" that the TWU had turned down a "sweet deal" from the MTA. He never gave the details of the deal, and he never gave the details of what the TWU wanted. However, it was a "sweet deal". They’ll give Mayor Bloomberg 10 minutes of unedited time to ramble on about how the strike is against the law, but they’ll edit Roger Toussaint‘s statements.

You think these workers want to strike? For some of these workers, they’ve been doing this since they got out of high school. They are unskilled in the sense that they don’t know how to do anything but move a bus or a train but they are skilled because ain’t no one crossing that picket line to take their jobs.

Hashim, you make it seem like "driving buses in circles and doling out change from their token booths" is easy but if you’re like most New Yorkers, you probably don’t have a drivers license so that disqualifies you from driving the bus. And you’re not built for doling out change from a token booth. Do you remembers when token booths were getting burned up with the employees still inside? [i.e. Intervale Ave in the BX]  Trust me, it’s much safer behind your firewall.

Ain’t Hip-Hop about the struggle? Ain’t it about getting rich or die trying? That’s all these people are trying to do. Don’t knock the hustle.

[Told you I was coming for your head. You thought I let this slide?]