Chicago rap veteran Twista can breathe a lot easier after catching a huge break in a marijuana bust earlier this year.

According to reports, Twista’s driver copped to possessing the weed when law enforcement arrested them last March in Indiana.

Sources with direct knowledge of the case tell us Twist and co. reached an agreement with Porter County prosecutors — 3 of the 4 cases will be dismissed, including Twista’s. We’re told the driver admitted the weed was his. He’s getting off with probation, and no jail time. (TMZ)

Details of Twista’s arrest flooded the Internet back in late March.

Police approached the vehicle and smelled weed. All 4 men were arrested. Twista was on his way to the concert when he was busted. The show, obviously, did not go on. The rapper was held until 4 AM Friday morning and released after he posted $500 bail. (TMZ)

A few months ago, the Chi-Town rapper talked to SOHH about putting out new music.

“I’m still into video games, not as much as I would like though. My favorite game is Madden [16]! I play often! I can also get down on Tekken! You would be surprised!,” Twista told SOHH when asked if he still clocks in time for playing video games. “I will drop a new album sometime this year, but believe it will be very special with the hunger of my youth. I’ve been putting out music but now I am about to turn up and go into original Twista mode! Get ready!” (SOHH)

Recently, Twista spoke to SOHH about putting out his Livin’ Legend EP.

“[I’m] just keeping fresh music out and the Livin’ Legend title speaks for itself. Artist today work way more consistently, so you will be forgotten if you can’t keep up with them. It helps to be passionate about making music, but I have to keep making people know that I never die!” (SOHH)