Chicago’s Twista doesn’t want to open his door and see the Feds. The hip-hop veteran has dished on President Donald Trump‘s recent suggestion to take matters into his own hands if Chi-Town’s violence doesn’t lighten up.

In a new interview, Twista said President Trumps should attack Chicago’s violence issues with school activities and community funding.

“Us, as blacks, we tend to think that all white people are bad or all rich white people are pressed or come at us as one but they don’t. Everybody has different views and I think he stands for the other view that in some ways we may be fearful that they may hurt us but in some ways, they can possibly help us. We need after school programs and money put back into the communities so that we can help our self, not like the National Guard. You see what happens every time you have a Marshall Law.” (TMZ)

Last week, Twist responded to President Trump’s headline-generating threat.

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Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel also responded to Trump’s threat.

Asked about Trump’s statement following a Chicago city council meeting Wednesday, Emanuel said he “welcomed” the idea of greater federal assistance to address crime in the city. He said federal authorities already play an integral role in fighting crime in the city, referencing the transport of guns across state lines, among other areas. “A lot of the guns, you know, coming into Chicago come from out of state,” Emanuel said. “Federal entities are set up to deal with that. And they do. And they work with us.” (CNN)

Recently, Odd Future’s Frank Ocean publicly blasted President Trump.

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