Former Hot Boys member Turk is determined to find justice in his $1.3 million lawsuit against music mogul Birdman’s Cash Money Records and has now taken further legal action.

According to reports, Cash Money has failed to acknowledge his suit and, as a result, Turk filed a default.

Cash Money Records failed to respond to former employee Turk’s February lawsuit in which he claims he is owed in excess of $1 million. Now the original Hot Boy has filed a default against the company in hopes that a judge will rule in his favor because of the no-show, reports AllHipHop. (XXL Mag)

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Back in February, Turk gave the iconic record company three weeks to respond to his lawsuit.

According to legal documents attained by, Turk has filed paperwork against Cash Money and Money Mack Music requiring the defendants to respond to the pending lawsuit. Cash Money and Money Mack have 21 days to contact Turk’s attorney concerning the complaint. “If they don’t answer by March 11, it will be declared a default judgement,” Turk informs AllHipHop. (AHH)

Turk spoke to SOHH earlier this year about his million dollar lawsuit against the label.

“The reason why I sued now is because I realized that me being loyal has gotten me nowhere in this business!! It’s my attorney’s decision that it was in my best interest to sue after several attempts to settle this matter privately. Now we wait for the next chapter!! Wodie.” (SOHH)

Recently, Turk talked to SOHH about Wayne’s issues with Cash Money.

“It is what it is, we don’t want no problems. We just want our money. That’s just the bottom line. It’s overdue. We’re all grownups and that’s what it’s about. [Lil] Wayne feels the same way. It’s all old news to me [with Wayne’s Cash Money problems]. It’s kind of like, yeah, it was just about when. It happened from the time when we left. When we left, people thought it was a publicity stunt then. You gotta sit back and see how it all turns out.” (SOHH)