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Tupac’s Mom Named In Lawsuit, Sued Over Rapper’s Biopic Rights

Written By S. Samuel

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Afeni Shakur, mother to late rapper 2Pac, has been sued along with her Amaru Entertainment over an alleged pre-agreement claiming she sold her son’s life rights for a film adaption.

Morgan Creek, the production suing Shakur, says a contract was drawn up allowing Creek to control a possible big-screen production of the rapper’s life.

According to the complaint, a written contract was in place for life rights, with Morgan Creek claiming that Amaru is “refus(ing) to honor and perform a contract of a production of the film based on the life of Tupac Shakur.” The company seeks damages and other relief. But late Wednesday (February 18), Amaru’s lawyers denied the existence of a deal. “There is no agreement with Morgan Creek, there never was, and there never will be,” said Amaru attorney Skip Miller. (Billboard)

Shakur’s lawyer, Miller, also claims Creek has used the alleged contract as a means to force competing studios out of the picture.

Miller said negotiations for a biopic on the controversial rapper were under way at several studios and that Morgan Creek attempted to sabotage those talks with threats of litigation. “They have scared away Paramount, Fox and others, and we are going to sue them and recover millions (in damages),” Miller said. Morgan Creek and lawyer Patricia Glaser declined comment. (Hollywood Reporter)

Afeni’s company has retained the rights of various iconic items from the late rapper.

Amaru Entertainment was founded by Tupac Shakur’s mother, Afeni Shakur, in early 1997 to handle the release of the unreleased material Tupac Shakur had created before his death on September 13th, 1996. After the death of Tupac Shakur the label inherited the rights to 2Pacalypse Now, Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z, Thug Life Vol. 1, and Me Against the World. Amaru Entertainment has also released eight posthumous albums by Tupac and one documentary, Tupac: Resurrection. (2Pac Legacy)

Creek is one of the movie industry’s most renowned production companies.

For over twenty years, Morgan Creek still remains as one of Hollywood’s most successful production companies, having produced over 60 feature films that have received over 50 awards. Films such as the Young Guns and Major League franchises; Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves; and the hit comedy Ace Ventura: Pet Detective are but a few of the classic films created under the Morgan Creek banner. (Reuters)

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Written by S. Samuel

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