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TruVez & Akevius’ “Amerikas Nightmare” [Music Video]

Written By SOHH Squad

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Within the African American community there is great concern for this new Trump administration taking office, as his campaign slogan “Let’s Make America Great Again!” was the driving force and recurring theme of his campaign.

TruVez doesn’t agree with that and it remains to be seen as the consensus is that it’s now “Amerika’s Nightmare!” TruVez initially released his new visual “Amerika’s Nightmare” yesterday during the election to help motivate minorities to go out and vote. As in his community and other communities across the country, minorities are being senselessly killed by law enforcement, wrongfully incarcerated, and not given access to quality jobs so that they won’t have to resort to illegal activities.

TruVez gives us his new visual as a reminder that in order for change to happen, the African American community must finally come together and work towards securing a future where they will finally be on an equal playing field. We live in dangerous times and TruVez implores us to stay woke!

“They got me feeling like this can’t be right / got me looking at the news like this can’t be life
Got kids running the streets it’s hard to sleep at night
Instead of serving & protecting / they trying to take your life
Trying to get caught with it / or get caught without one
Why we need court for already know the outcome
Hard to move like Martin / when you feelin like Malcom”

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Written by SOHH Squad


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