Former Roc-A-Fella Records artist Tru Life recently discussed his absence from hip-hop along with how it was his decision to leave Def Jam with help from Jay-Z.

The Lower East Side, New York-bred emcee explained why he wanted to leave the iconic label at the height of his career.

“We took a break for a year and a half, my head was cluttered with all the drama,” Tru said in an interview. “Some of the obvioius, drama with Dipset and everybody else and Jay was leaving Def Jam…I found out early so I asked Jay to get me off Def Jam and he did it quietly while he was at Def Jam…I never got dropped, I’m Roc-A-Fella ’til the day I die…Jay got me off Def Jam, I didn’t wanna be there without him either…I knew ahead of time before people so I decide I wanted to leave, Jay pushed my paperwork through, they did it quietly. Def Jam didn’t even know I was off of Def Jam. I got a nice payday at the end of the day, they owed me some change. Jay made it go smoothly and it got me some change.” (Rock Me TV)

Tru has previously stressed his interest in being on the label due to his relationship with Jay.

“I was Roc-A-Fella all day first off, let’s get that clear,” he said in an interview. “I signed to Roc La Familia but I was always Roc-A-Fella. I was just Latin, but when that folded it was easy, they just moved me over to Roc-A-Fella. I’m a smart business man so when I found out Jay-Z was gonna leave – cause I got the heads up, cause that’s my big homie, I didn’t wanna stay there either at Def Jam.” (XXL Mag)

He’s known for squaring off on Jay’s rap rivals including Dipset’s Cam’ron and Jim Jones which led to a physical altercation around April 2007 at a New York venue.

“What happened last night was Cam was standing in front of Club Stereo and Tru Life confronted him about what’s been going on back and forth on the mixtapes and they got into a physical confrontation,” radio personality Ed Lover previously told SOHH. “Pretty much Tru Life hit Cam, cops broke it up and everyone dispersed…As an OG in this business, I have a lot of love for both camps and I’m trying to mediate this because it’s starting to get to a point where it’s getting out of hand now.” (SOHH)

Along with Tru, Jay has also helped guide additional former Def Jam artists off the label like Memphis Bleek.

“Jay’s the kindest n*gga that walk the face of this earth and everything ain’t money,” Bleek said in an interview. “You know Hov broke bread…I left Def Jam…I had options to put out another album on Def Jam but then I had a meeting with him and he made it real clear to me, ‘Why do that, you got the opportunity right now to run your own company. I’ma get you the distribution deal for Get Low Records, you sign your artists, drop your albums under Get Low and I’ma still executive produce.'” (Hip Hop Beef)

Check out Tru Life’s interview below:

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