New York rapper Troy Ave recently dished on his relationship to G-Unit head 50 Cent and how they ironed out past differences during an in-person meeting.

According to Ave, he spoke to Fif at a recent concert for R&B stud Chris Brown.

“50 my guy. 50 and me had a talk at the Chris Brown show. I hollered at him, pulled him to the side. He told me where the energy came from initially or whatever and we just chopped it up from there… 50 Cent was my favorite rapper. That’s the reason I’m rapping. He showed me you can come from the streets and put your own mixtapes and come up. No matter what type of shaky ting or whatever, that don’t omit what happened. It’s so ill. I got a dope check. He put my song in Power.” (“The Angie Martinez Show”)

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Last year, Troy addressed the G-Unit head taking a few jabs at him publicly.

“I think that was wack. You know what I mean? But that’s they personal issues. I don’t be really having an opinion on other people’s personal issues. I think it was wack. That is kinda his opinion. That don’t make no sense. But I think it was wack. I wouldn’t have said that about my people. But I don’t know what they got going on. Lloyd Banks definitely in my new video. And I don’t feel like they was hype men. I feel like they was doing what you supposed to do.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

A few weeks prior, Fif said Troy had relied on Unit members Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo for support.

“They actually like [Troy Ave’s] hype men now,” 50 said to New York’s Hot 97 of Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks. He was referencing appearances on Troy’s “Show Me Love” and “Your Style,” respectively. “That’s not a shot. They’re there as the supporting cast.” Despite those words, Fif still made it seem like he’s just an elder who wants the best for and out of those he’s watched grow. “They’re like my little brothers,” he added. “I’d like for them to work to sustain their interests in the public.” (MTV)