New York rapper Troy Ave is flexing his social media fingers. The hip-hop artist has relied on Instagram to pour out his feelings in a must-read rant.

Ave went to IG Thursday (March 15) to address his current legal crunch and having to take the stand in a 2016 fatal shooting case.

I Got arrested, Stayed in jail to "Kept it Real" cause I believed In "The Streets" …. #StreetsSay: Ya Friends/Homies "Suppose To" "handle business & put in work" while u down!? #StreetsSay: If u all get pulled over Ya homies "Suppose to" take the charge 4 u cause the "Money Earner / Provider" so business can continue. streets lied, this was Myth, when the pressure was on, I'm the only one who performed, all the homies & friends where out for they self, saying things like … "I got kids, I can't go to jail etc. Im fighting for My freedom because of a "HATER , STALKER or the "cooler new word" a TROLL" it's all the same and it's all fake! And u You support that then U know what u are …. [I'm DONE keeping it real with Fake niggaz] #StreetsIsAMyth …. #StreetsSay – "This Our Block" but don't OWN nothing on it. #StreetsSay: "FreeMyBro" But never offer money for his appeal #MoralOfTheStory DO NOT KEEP IT REAL WITH FAKE PEOPLE, Because it'll cost You! – Cost me My freedom – Cost me full use in my Right Leg – Cost me the life of my best friend – Cost me Custody of my kids – Cost me Over $2,000,000 dollars in expenses And now it might cost me 20-40yrs in Jail at least another 5MILLION dollars+ the Career that i built from nothing against the odds for a Hater That's POINTING THE FINGER at me?! Told y'all it's a Handicapped being a real one…. If u asks most these niggaz to give $100 to a friend they Wouldn't #Facto I Guarantee you I can't Offset None of these COSTS with "Street Cred" And I Guarantee you The Streets Ain't contributing to None of my expenses.💡 Ya Boy built different, I keep pushing thru all the negativity, I keep elevating slowly but surely cause Ian the type to wait out the storm, I Dance in The Rain💯 #FreeTroyAve #Realism #WeAgainstTheWorld #Pray4Me #FreeTheRealKeepTheFake

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This week, Big Apple rapper 50 Cent made a public statement about snitching.

Last month, rappers Casanova 2x and Memphis Bleek applauded disses 50 Cent fired off at fellow hip-hop artist Troy Ave.

A few hours prior, 50 Cent singled out Troy Ave with his hard-hitting post about taking the stand in a publicized 2016 shooting case.