Brooklyn rapper Troy Ave knows he’s still walking following a near-death shooting for a specific reason. The hip-hop artist went to social media this week to reflect on surviving a Christmas Day attack.

Ave jumped on Instagram Thursday (December 29) and suggested a higher power kept him alive to deliver fans with music.


Earlier this week, Ave released footage of himself getting released from a hospital.


A few hours prior, details surfaced about Ave’s well-being and possible hospital release.

A CT scan Monday showed one bullet still in his head, his lawyer John Stella said. “They are discharging him today,” he said. “He is very sore. The doctors told the family that he came dangerously close to having a spinal cord injury, but it looks like there’s no lasting damage from the wound track.” (New York Daily News)

On Christmas night, G-Unit’s 50 Cent went to his Instagram page and showed off a pic of himself alongside Ave.