New York rap newcomer Troy Ave is not thinking twice about closing in on a record deal with Hustle Gang leader T.I. and explained why he is putting his career in a non-Big Apple artist’s hands. #HustleAve

Troy said he realized fellow New York rap star 50 Cent left the Empire State and signed with West Coast mogul Dr. Dre and Detroit’s Eminem.

“I’m still independent. It’s funny you ask me that, I just got off the phone with Tip. We were kicking it for like an hour not too long ago. We’re trying to figure things out right now but I’m still 100 percent independent. But it’s got a good ring to it. Don’t it? Troy Ave, Iggy and T-i-p? Right, right, it sounds like a good move. … I was actually thinking about that. I was conflicted. I was like, ‘D*mn,’ my whole campaign I’ve been so New York and from the streets – I’m like, how’s it going to look if I team up or I sign with a southern rapper? T.I. is arguably the king of the South. But I was thinking about it, 50 Cent went and signed with Dr. Dre and Eminem. That put him on. They’re from the West Coast and Detroit.” (WiLD 94.1)

Recently, T.I. revealed legal paperwork was the only factor stalling the deal.

“Yeah, yeah, it’s in the works,” T.I. said in an interview with Angela Yee. “We have verbals, the lawyers just got to do their thang, but its definitely something that we looking forward to and shout-out to everyone who has been supporting the [‘Like My Style’] remix.” (Power 105.1)

Last month, T.I. hopped on Troy Ave’s “Like My Style” remix with Puff Daddy and Ma$e.

Troy Ave rounds up a couple New York icons and the King of the South for his Chase N. Cashe-produced remix to “Your Style” off his latest mixtape BSB Vol. 4. The Brooklyn spitter, who was named one of XXL’s Freshmen, takes it back to New York in the ’90s on his nostalgic remix featuring Puff Daddy, Ma$e, and T.I. “Now all you hear is New York this, New York that / Let’s keep it real mothaf*ckas, I brought New York back,” boasts Troy, who credits himself for the return of G-Unit and Dipset. (Rap-Up)

Earlier this year, Troy Ave addressed G-Unit leader 50 Cent taking a few jabs at him publicly.

“I think that was wack. You know what I mean? But that’s they personal issues. I don’t be really having an opinion on other people’s personal issues. I think it was wack. That is kinda his opinion. That don’t make no sense. But I think it was wack. I wouldn’t have said that about my people. But I don’t know what they got going on. Lloyd Banks definitely in my new video. And I don’t feel like they was hype men. I feel like they was doing what you supposed to do.” (“The Breakfast Club”)


Check out Troy Ave’s interview: