New York rapper Troy Ave is here for All Eyez On Me. The hip-hop artist has fully co-signed the new 2Pac biopic.

Last night, Ave went to Instagram to show his support for the Tupac Shakur tell-all film.

A few days ago, Houston rapper Scarface singled out All Eyez On Me‘s authenticity.

“We never looked at each other like we were each other’s favorite rapper, which we were. But we were just friends. Every show we did together, it was Pac and me and MC Breed. If MC Breed’s not in that movie then it ain’t no real Pac movie. If the D.O.C. wasn’t mentioned in that movie, that’s not a real Pac movie. You see what I’m saying? … So if them n*ggas not in that movie and that sh*t wasn’t sanctioned by the people who grew up with Pac – I don’t believe, look, if a motherf*cker put an album out on me when I’m dead, man, don’t buy that sh*t. If a motherf*cker try to shoot a movie on me, and I’m dead? Don’t go see that sh*t, my n*gga. Let me rest, man. And I love Pac to death man, but let that man rest.”

This week, hip-hop executive Wack 100 called out people not criticizing 50 Cent for bashing All Eyez On Me.

Over the past few days, 50 Cent trashed the long-awaited movie across Instagram.