Rap rookie Trippie Redd‘s fans are going to likely cost him some low-key and high-key shade courtesy of fellow newcomer Tekashi 6ix9ine. New footage has emerged of Redd encouraging fans to express how they feel during a live show.

In the must-see footage, Trippie’s jam-packed London fans are heard and seen screaming “F**k Teksahi.”

Crowd starts to get at #tekashi69 while Trippie Redd performed in London

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Crowd goes in on #tekashi69 while #trippieredd performs in London

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The duo’s rap rift stems from a 2017 incident where Tek joked about getting cozy with a teenager.

The Twitter account To Catch a SoundCloud Rapper featured an IG post from rapper ZillaKami, who used to be friends with Tekashi. Now it seems that the two have beef. The post shows a shirtless Tekashi with his hands around a half naked girl who is said to be 13 years old. While no proof has been offered of the girl’s age in the photo, Tekashi responded to the claims with a Snapchat story. Walking down the block and flaunting $30 thousand in a bag, Tekashi says with a laugh, “I’m such a happy rapist. And I’m free.” Following these claims, collaborator and fellow on-the-rise-rapper, Trippie Redd, has distanced himself from Tekashi. In a now deleted Instagram video post, Redd stated, “I’m sorry brozay, 1400 don’t promote pedophiles… If we give n*ggas clout, we give n*ggas clout. It was an accident.” (Mass Appeal)

Earlier in the week, Tek went to social media and bragged about not getting touched by his haters.

“I’m literally the Floyd Mayweather of this rap game. Y’all haters want me to lose so badly. But I just consistently win. That’s what gets under your skin.”

Okay 👌🏾 📸 #Tekashi69 #FloydMayweather tho? 🤔 🥊

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A few hours prior, Tek opened up some eyes after announcing he’s joined forces with Cash Money boss Birdman’s Rich Gang.

The huge announcement even sparked reactions from Birdman and Rich Gang’s Young Thug.

Big moves!!! #YoungThug #Birdman 📸 #Tekashi69 #RichGang SWIPE RIGHT

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