[With his new Rise album in stores this week, Reach Records’ Trip Lee tells SOHH readers where his state of mind is and what the journey has been like.]

I was kind of quiet last year. What I’ve been trying to do now up until the release of my Rise album in October is get people familiar with Trip music. I feel like my schedule is crazy right now.

Doing things like BET Music Matters and doing interviews with people like SOHH and having recently done a photo shoot, I just want to put all of my attention onto what I have going on.

This Rise album is very important to me. I’m proud of this record. I love the sound. I really want this to connect with people. I think it’s my best record and so I’m going to do everything I can to connect with people and some assume I’m corny because I’m a Christian and they assume I make church music, but the more people get to hear it, they can see it in-person.

People have not seen a rapper like me before. Doing performances and shows, it gives everyone a chance to see what I’m about.

I’ve been doing listening parties in New York and Atlanta. New York is getting a lot of focus from me this time around. I love it out there. It’s an easy train ride for me being in Washington, DC.

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