[With Lecrae’s Anomaly first-week sales projections up to 80,000 copies, fellow Reach Records artist Trip Lee gives SOHH readers a take on the estimates.]

It’s exciting. For one, I knew he was going to do crazy numbers because his music connects with people in a special way. Lecrae has been working for so long and he’s been grinding for so long. Anomaly is an incredible record and I’m very excited for him.

It’s a great record. In terms of his skills as a hip-hop artist and as a writer, I think he’s up there with all the dudes that are most popular right now. He’s incredible. It’s like another win for our movement. That’s one of the things about Lecrae, he doesn’t just want to get his music out there. We have this whole 116 movement and I feel like it’s a win for us.

I love going to the iTunes section and seeing there’s a ‘Lecrae Music Takeover’ playlist. I love seeing all of that stuff because I don’t think he gets the appreciation for how dope his music is. So I love when it happens like that and more people can find out about him. One of the things I love about our record label is there’s no weak link.

Everybody’s nice. You can hear everybody and get exposed to the music. I’m hoping that with Lecrae’s record, every artist on the label has put out a new record this year and Andy Mineo‘s working on new music, so I’m hoping we just keep moving units and letting people hear what we’re doing.

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