Trinidad James Keeps Goin’ In After Def Jam Fallout [Audio]

Written By S. Samuel

Atlanta rapper Trinidad James is keeping his head in the music following a recent split from renowned label Def Jam earlier this summer with the release of "Mr. Officer.".

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Trinidad delivered his new anthem for the masses just in time for Labor Day (September 1).

Trinidad Jame$ unleashes a new song today called “Mr. Officer.” Produced by Key Wane, it features a catchy hook that also serves as a sincere plea for mercy. Trinidad dropped the song with the following message: “I feel like we are all fighting to stay alive. Not just from the Police but just from each other. In my opinion kids see more of US killing US than the police killing US. So I CHALLENGE YOU AMERICA! EVEN THE WORLD! to value each other…..US.” (Complex)

Last month, James went after critics with his “Hating On Me” anthem.

Trinidad James drops the new single H.O.M.E. “Hating On Me” featuring ILoveMakonnen on the heels of his authentic and musical explination on “Doin Me” – a tell-all record post-Def Jam record. On ‘Hating On Me” the Atlanta native addresses his haters over the mellow banger – produced by hitmaker Sonny Digital. The ILoveMakonnen assisted hook “all I wanna know is why they hatin on me,” sets the tone for yet another transparent narration of the commotion in Trinidad’s musical career at the moment. He assures his fans that nothing will keep him from “doing what he does.” James is set to release his album Sept 23, 2014. (Press Release)

James broke the news of his Def Jam exit in early August.

“I should tell yall. I got dropped by the Label. My Album is now free. If u hear ur beat or verse on it. I hope u want dap cuz i got no money,” James tweeted August 2. (Trinidad James’ Twitter)

Back in April, the rapper discussed his long-awaited solo debut.

“For people that are actually fans of me, they’re going to love it, like it’s going to be their favorite album. It’s just the way I personally feel. In general “All Gold Everything” can’t last me for the rest of my life. If you really want to be a fan of Trinidad James you have to listen to my actual projects. With that being said, for those people who only listened to “All Gold Everything”, I hope it’ll give them a better understanding. I brought both worlds together for my first two projects. When you first hear it you’re gonna be like “Man, I didn’t think that kid had that it in him.” It’s 10 tracks once again, because that’s my thing.” (Crib Notes)

Check out the new track:

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Written by S. Samuel

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