Miami rapper Trick Daddy has unleashed fury toward hip-hop artist Nino Brown. New footage has surfaced of the rap veteran letting loose on DJ Khaled‘s former protégé.

This week, Trick went off on an unexpected rant toward Brown and responded to him allegedly being name-dropped in a song.

“Somebody let that f*ck n*gga Nino Brown know he can’t go nowhere in Dade County. Your b*tch a** better move to Georgia or Mississippi somewhere you fat f*ck n*gga. Fat p*ssy. When I catch your b*tch a** somewhere, I’ma snap your neck – you saying my name in a rap – fake a** n*gga with all that fake a** jewelry. Why you always looking back? Why you always looking back in your videos? You a p*ssy, n*gga. … Let me catch you in front of my house doing a video, with all them prop guns. … I called Khaled and asked about it,” he says. “Khaled said he been let your fat a** go cause you were trying to take pictures with his money and by the way, I ain’t ever seen no hundred dollar bills that big.” (Hip Hop Nation)

Nino has since responded to Trick in a video freestyle.

Recently, Trick Daddy poked fun at Cash Money Records boss Birdman’s now-infamous “Breakfast Club” walkout.

“Was y’all watching The Breakfast Club, y’all hear that sh*t this morning? Was y’all watching that sh*t? Did y’all hear that sh*t this morning? ‘All tree of y’all.’ I got one comment. Let’s go.”