Houston rapper Travis Scott is going all-out with his Astroworld merch. New reports claim the hip-hop superstar has plans to release a line of marijuana accessories for ragers.

According to reports, Scott is going the legal route to trademark Astroworld to help fans blast off heading into 2019.

The rapper recently filed paperwork to blaze a trail into the marijuana accessories market. Trav wants to slap “Astroworld” all over pipes, bongs and hookahs. According to docs, obtained by TMZ, the gear will be for use with tobacco. Riiiight. That line might fool Uncle Sam — remember, weed’s still illegal federally — but we all know what plant’s really gonna be burning in those pipes. (TMZ)

A couple nights ago, rap star Kendrick Lamar surprised Astroworld Tour concertgoers with a Madison Square Garden performance.

Late Tuesday night, Scotty released his Skrillex-enhanced banger to the masses.

A few nights ago, Travis’ girlfriend Kylie Jenner shared a shot of herself repping his Astroworld Tour.