Houston rapper Travis Scott still can’t believe the world fell for a parody cheating pic. The hip-hop star has responded to YouTube personality Christian Adam confessing to trolling the globe with the bogus scandal.

A screenshot has surfaced of Trav sharing his frustrations with Christian admitting he tricked the Internet.

The craziness has also sparked some frustrations from reality TV star Kim Kardashian.

Earlier in the week, Trav came forward on social media to shut down the pic’s authenticity.

A few days ago, buzz developed after a pic surfaced of an alleged Scott looking intimate with a mystery woman.

On Monday, an Instagram user posted a photo of a man who looks like Travis (same hair style) getting cozy with another woman. Neither face in the photo is clear, but it was enough to make some people believe the Astroworld rapper was being unfaithful. (E! News)