Houston rapper Travis Scott is enjoying an insanely successful past 12 months. Barely 72 hours after he touched down at Super Bowl LIII’s halftime show, Cactus Jack is now slated to perform at the upcoming Grammy Awards show.

On Wednesday, the Recording Academy officially confirmed Scott’s presence at the annual ceremony along with other headliners including Lady Gaga.

Over the weekend, speculation developed about Scott possibly asking for his girlfriend Kylie Jenner‘s hand at Super Bowl LIII.

Even before the game, many people thought that Travis Scott would propose to her during his halftime show performance. Let’s really think about this. First, while Travis has spoken about how he needs to “propose in a fire way,” Kylie Jenner is not just any young woman who would geek out over being pulled on stage; she’s a billionaire with two reality-TV shows and dare I say desensitized to the shock and awe of large crowds watching her. Second, if Travis wanted to propose while the world was watching, he’d go live on her Instagram. Last year, the super bowl had just under 104 million viewers, Kylie has 125 million Instagram followers. (The Cut)

Last month, Kylie teased fans with a shot of herself with some finger candy.

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A few weeks ago, Jenner teased marriage rumors and shut down pregnancy hype.