Travis Scott Celebrates McDonald’s Cactus Jack Launch

Written By Rosario Harper

Travis' Go-To Grub

Houston rapper Travis Scott is all about his special day. The hip-hop superstar went online to acknowledge and celebrate the launch of his new Cactus Jack limited edition meal at fast food giant McDonald's.

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Travis Scott Celebrates McDonald’s Meal

Scott hit up Instagram to geek out over the huge nationwide takeover. Scott shared a few new posts including a commercial clip promoting his new launch and a shot of himself chilling in front of an actual McDonald’s restaurant.

“Live from Utopia @cactusjack for mc ds” -Travis Scott’s Instagram

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Live from Utopia @cactusjack for mc ds Ad

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Travis Scott celebrates McDonald’s Cactus Jack meal.

Travis Scott’s McDonald’s Meal

After days of mounted hype, McDonald’s hit the green light on releasing the must-try meal. Not for the vegetarians and vegans of the world, the meal comes with a quarter-pounder burger with bacon, fries and a soda.

On Tuesday, McDonald’s unveiled their new “Cactus Jack” meal in collaboration with hip hop superstar Travis Scott. As part of the promotion, McDonalds employees are all getting Travis Scott “Cactus Jack” t-shirts and hats. The “Cactus Jack” meal they’re selling is a $6 quarter-pounder meal with bacon, lettuce, barbecue sauce, fries and a Sprite. (USA Today)

SOHH had to do it for the culture and try out the burger in-person.

There’s already speculation about a potential merchandise drop gearing up to release with Scott and McDonald’s.

The Internet Reacts To Cactus Meal

Social media hasn’t wasted an opportunity to react to the huge rollout.

The Big Travis Announcement

In early September 2020, Travis shocked fans with his huge announcement. Without giving out major details, he did promise a September 8 release date for the Cactus Jack meal.

“CACTUS JACK FOR MCDONALD’S” -Travis Scott’s Twitter

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Written by Rosario Harper Writer. When I'm not covering hip-hop news and announcements, I'm deep into an Audible book and eating veggies.

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