Tory Lanez Texted Megan Thee Stallion Reason For Allegedly Shooting Her

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Blame It On The Alcohol
Tory Lanez Durag Texted Meg Thee Stallion
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Toronto rap crooner Tory Lanez might have an explanation for why he allegedly let his trigger finger go loose on estranged friend Megan Thee Stallion. New reports claim the hip-hop singer texted Meg following their summer altercation and explained what sparked the shooting.

Tory Lanez Texted Meg

According to reports, a text from July 12 has surfaced and provides more context behind what went down between Tory and Meg. The alleged Lanez message featured him apologizing to Stallion and blaming alcohol for influencing what happened.

He wrote, “I know u prolly never gone talk to me again, but I genuinely want u to know I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart.” His only explanation for the violence … “I was just too drunk.” In the text, Tory never references “shooting” or a gun, but it is clear he did something he regrets. In his words, “None the less s**t should have never happened and I can’t change what did. I just feel horrible.” And, he repeats … “Cuz I genuinely just got too drunk.” (TMZ)

Tory Lanez texted Meg after the alleged mid-July 2020 shooting. This is a moment of them hanging out from happier times.

Tory Lanez’s Streams Drop

According to reports, Lanez had enjoyed music streams well over 20 million leading into August 2020. However, once Stallion name-dropped him on social media as the person responsible for shooting her in mid-July, Tory experienced a significant drop.

Tory Lanez has not publicly commented on the shooting nor on the story Megan Thee Stallion’s shared. Tory’s audio streams were consistently in the 20 million to 30 million range since mid-June, according to Nielsen Music/MRC Data. However, during the week of August 21, following Megan’s revealing August 20 livestream, Tory’s streams plummeted by nearly 9 million—a 40% drop from the previous week’s 22 million streams. (Forbes)

Chris Brown Explodes On Comparisons

In late August 2020, singer Chris Brown hit up his Instagram Story to speak out on getting linked to Tory and Meg’s explosive altercation. The crooner appeared to take a personal issue with people comparing the to his now-infamous domestic attack on ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

“Leave my f*cking name out of someone elses situation… Y’all not finna involve me in this f*ck a** sh*t! P*ssy b*tch, y’all make me sick wit this lame sh*t… Suck my d*ck or sit on it.” -Chris Brown’s Instagram Story

Chris Brown explodes on comparisons to Tory Lanez/Meg Thee Stallion.

T.I. Checks Tory Lanez

Days prior, footage went viral of rap star T.I. going to his Instagram Live and not holding back on Lanez. T.I. said he couldn’t understand why Tory would have shot Meg and wanted the entire story of what happened during their recent altercation.

“That sh*t f*cked up, cuz. That sh*t f*cked up. That sh*t gonna sting, god d*mn. God d*mn. How in the f*ck you shoot a girl in a bikini? What the f*ck? That’s crazy. God d*mn. … I’m not saying she’s a liar. I’m not calling anybody a liar, I’m just saying I can’t imagine, this sh*t is unimaginable. That sh*t crazy. Yeah, that sh*t f*cked up. I’m just waiting on the whole story.”

T.I. loses it on Tory Lanez over Megan Thee Stallion shooting.

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