Canadian rap star Tory Lanez is here for the power of cannabis. The hip-hop crooner has come forward to speak on his disinterest in using hard drugs and admit he’s not tempted to risk his life on them.

Tory x Happy

Lanez went to Instagram to credit his diehard supporters for keeping him naturally high. Tory Lanez also explained his happiness for living a successful life and his drug of choice.

“Fun Fact : The only drug I have ever done is weed . I never took a pill , not shrooms, coke , acid etc ….. and I say this to say … that when u see me happy , it’s because I’m genuinely happy about my life , fans , and legacy I’m leaving behind for my family . 😇😈💜💙 thank u all for the endless joy” -Tory Lanez’s Instagram

Tory Lanez’s explains his drug of choice

High-Key Details

A few day sago, Tory Lanez went online to kick facts about how much his son makes off his music. Tory also credited his grind as an independent musician as the biggest payoff he can give him.

“My child is going to be sitting on a throne like this one day … For Every record I make he gets 5% -10% now that I’m independent … THE ROYALTIES WILL LAST LONGER THAN HIS LIFE TIME. … that being said IM GOING TO FLOOD YALL WITH MUSIC AND VIDEOS !.. my purpose is now bigger than me … I don’t know how long i will be on this earth, Tomorrow is not promised .. so i gotta give y’all everything while I’m here . And I gotta CREATE the residual income needed in order for my CHILD and his children’s children to never need to work a job . 🙌🏾✊🏾👏🏽” -Tory Lanez’s Instagram

Tory Lanez reveals his son’s royalties

Wait, There’s More

Lanez recently went online to explain how record label deals work. He clarified a company makes much more money than the artist themself.

“The way things work now and days , they are designing contracts to keep artist in debt . How are your kids kids suppose to eat from the fruits of your labor if the label makes 5 times the money you making… But you as the artist are bringing in all the money . 🧐🧐 ima fix this … Luckily for me I’ve exceeded a 5 album deal and I’m fully independent … but going through this I know that at least 80 percent of the industry is in some sort of deal where they are not being fully compensated for they work .. and no diss either that’s just how it works . … Ima go on live Later this week and put the seminar up and I’ll explain to y’all the REAL … because as much as I can keep the secrets for myself … but I’d rather my peers and UPCOMING ARTIST not get F*CKED in these contracts anymore … I’ll keep u posted on the date .” -Tory Lanez’s Twitter

Tory Lanez calls out the music industry

Before You Go

A few days ago, veteran musicians Kelis, Erykah Badu and rap artist Azealia Banks singled out the industry. The trio explained the importance of record labels making things right notably with black musicians.

“If the music industry wants to support black lives, labels and platforms can start with amending contracts, distributing royalties, diversifying boardrooms, and retroactively paying back all the black artists, and their families, they have built their empires on.” -Kelis’ Instagram