Canadian hip-hop artist Tory Lanez isn’t here for the fakery. The rap crooner recently went online this past weekend to let fans know he’s 100 percent responsible for what you see when his music videos premiere.

Big Facts

Tory hit up his social media channels to reveal how much control he has on his creativity. Lanez shared footage of himself reviewing production and shared a message to people.

“I do the edits on all my videos. Not like how n*ggas be like ‘Directed by’ and didn’t do nothing in real life. I’m on Adobe premiere wilding every time! To all my artist friends, do you best to learn everything behind the scenes so you don’t have to wait on anybody and you can always be your own boss. My next one drops tomorrow for Do The Most. Thank you to all my fans that continually support all my talents and shout-out my director friends who teach me everything I know about this editing sh*t. @midjordan @zacfacts @flyguynick! I love y’all!”

High-Key Details

A few nights ago, Lanez hosted hip-hop veteran DMX and fellow rapper 21 Savage on an Instagram Live session. He even managed to get T-Pain to sing a verse of “Pour You A Drank” without autotune.

Wait, There’s More

That wasn’t the first night of non-stop antics. Lanez previously hosted R&B icon Chris Brown and also snuck in some twerking action from fans.

Before You Go

Last week, rap star Lil Yachty took a similar approach on his IG Live. The hip-hop heavyweight put on a cringe and hilarious talent show featuring fans doing the most for money.