Rap crooner Tory Lanez‘s new music has arrived. The hip-hop entertainer has shared his new Buju Banton “Trust” remix to the masses.

Big Facts

Heading into the weekend, Tory lit up his Instagram page to geek out over his latest collaboration. Lanez also admitted he’s wanted to work with the reggae legend for years.

“Dream come true. Been wanted to work with Buju Banton since I was a kid! ‘Trust’ remix out now!”

Tory Lanez’s new music is here
Tory Lanez’s new music is here with Buju Banton

High-Key Details

On Wednesday, Tory went online with a sneak peek at his witty wordplay. Lanez shared a few bars presumably off his highly-anticipated The New Toronto 3 album release.

“I wanna cheat but ill prolly kill her if she cheat on me / homicidal thoughts don’t mix with all these gs on me / look into my eyes you see a n*gga tryna dodge the demons / we done came along way from swiping fraud cards at Neiman’s – Tory Lanez -The New TORONTO 3 … spit my soul out on this sh*t . COMING NOW!”

Wait, There’s More

A few nights ago, Tory jumped on Instagram with a teaser post. In addition to the promise of putting the project out soon, Lanez shared an insane clip of himself freestyling.

“TNT3 coming sooner than you think… The New Toronto mixtape coming so soon that it’s not funny.”

Before You Go

Tory also made sure to use his IG page to share some sneaker drip. The rap entertainer shared a slideshow of pics donning some fire Nike kicks.

“Good Yute. This is also the same car and spot that I shot the cover for ‘Uber Everywhere.'”

Tory Lanez goes all out showing off a pair of fire sneakers. These Nike kicks are North Carolina blue with splashes of red