Toronto rappers Tory Lanez and Drake are putting on for their city. The hip-hop stars took a break from touring the world this weekend to clock in some friendship goals.

Over the past few hours, Tory and Drizzy buddy pics have scattered online.

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Killy them outside

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Back in August, Drake shocked New York fans by bringing Tory out during a live concert.

At last year’s 8th annual OVO Fest, Drake and Tory united in Toronto.

“I wanna say something. Look, I want every young person in this building to look at what’s happening – I want you to understand something. You see this guy right here? We had problems with each other, we had never even met each other, I met the man and he’s a great guy!”

Months prior, Troy confirmed ending a nasty feud with the 6 God.

“It’s about music at this point. It was a couple other things around it [other than a phone call] but it’s between me and him. I think for it to him the way it happened, it was meant to happen that way. For whatever the reasons around it were, it’s between me and him. I’m good.” (Hot 97)