Rap crooner Tory Lanez has nothing but love for the 6 God. The hip-hop singer went online this week to deliver a major salute to one-time foe Drake and label him the greatest of all time.

Tory x Drake

This week, Tory Lanez hit up Instagram with footage of himself turning up to some Drake as he showed love for his fellow Canadian friend. In the clip, he also calls the fellow Toronto native a living legend based solely off his music’s vibes from a massive penthouse.

“Tory Lanez living his best life 🌃 .” -Tory Lanez’s Instagram

Tory Lanez shows his love for Drake

High-Key Details

Back in August 2018, Drake and Tory shocked Toronto fans. The one-time rap foes united on-stage at Drizzy’s 8th annual OVO Fest concert for an unforgettable moment.

“I wanna say something. Look, I want every young person in this building to look at what’s happening – I want you to understand something. You see this guy right here? We had problems with each other, we had never even met each other, I met the man and he’s a great guy!”

Wait, There’s More

A few months prior, Troy confirmed ending a nasty feud with the 6 God. Lanez also vowed to keep small details connected to their feud between them.

“It’s about music at this point. It was a couple other things around it [other than a phone call] but it’s between me and him. I think for it to him the way it happened, it was meant to happen that way. For whatever the reasons around it were, it’s between me and him. I’m good.” (Hot 97)

Before You Go

In May 2017, a report surfaced about Drake and Tory ending their beef through mutual contacts.

Sources connected to the rappers tell TMZ … Drizzy and Tory ended their years-long beef after mutual friends got in their ears about the pettiness. We’re told the phone call was placed by one of Tory’s pals to one of Drake’s — the intermediaries then put both rappers on the horn. That ultimately led to the NYC meeting where they took the peace summit Instagram shot. (TMZ)