Toronto rap star Tory Lanez is making headlines for the wrong reasons right now. The hip-hop crooner has reportedly landed in handcuffs after California law enforcement found a concealed weapon in an SUV he and publicized rap pal Megan Thee Stallion were in.

Tory Lanez x Arrested

According to reports, the bust happened early Sunday morning and didn’t initially make headlines. However, new details now claim a house party altercation turned violent and forced the Los Angeles Police Department to get involved.

The arrest happened around 4:30 a.m. near a house in the Hollywood hills where the 27-year-old hip-hop star was arrested and charged with carrying a concealed weapon in his vehicle. Fellow rapper Megan Thee Stallion was reported to be at the party and had received injuries from a glass wound to her foot. The incident began at the house party and proceeded to an argument in an SUV. Police were able to locate the SUV, occupied by the two stars, and reported finding a gun inside the vehicle. (Variety)

High-Key Details

New reports have since developed on the arrest. Megan Thee Stallion didn’t get busted for anything however law enforcement had her rushed to a hospital following a foot injury from within the SUV.

5:22 PM PT — We’ve learned police have listed Megan as a “victim” in the incident. She was taken to a hospital immediately after Tory was arrested, and treated for the wounds to her foot. Law enforcement sources also tell us 4 shell casings were recovered from the scene outside the home. (TMZ)

Wait, There’s More

This past weekend, reality TV star Kylie Jenner made jaws drop courtesy of footage of herself in a pool with Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez. The must-see clip landed across Instagram Live and featured them juggling friendship goals with a twist of thirst trap.

It seems that hot girl summer is in full swing once again. Megan Thee Stallion and Kylie Jenner were hanging out together on Saturday, and it’s got fans talking. The pair went on Instagram Live while rocking gold and black bikinis and chilling in a luxurious, purple-lit pool as they chatted — and were joined by rapper Tory Lanez during their little fireside pool party. (ET Online)

Before You Go

It’s worth noting Tory Lanez recently talked about his stance toward drugs. Despite having a high appreciation for cannabis, TL recently said he didn’t dabble in any other type of drugs.

“Fun Fact : The only drug I have ever done is weed . I never took a pill , not shrooms, coke , acid etc ….. and I say this to say … that when u see me happy , it’s because I’m genuinely happy about my life , fans , and legacy I’m leaving behind for my family . 😇😈💜💙 thank u all for the endless joy” -Tory Lanez’s Instagram