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Vixen Tori Brixx is trying to show off her dancing goals to the world. The hip-hop model went online to share some looks at herself getting inspired to flex her leg strength.

Tori Brixx Tries To Make It Work

Brixx hit up Instagram with some must-see footage. Tori Brixx shared a clip last night of her dancing doing her best to keep her balance while pumping her legs for a viral dance move.

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“WHOLE MY GAWWWD I ALMOST PEED @leslybonilla22 不不不 SEE PREVIOUS POST” -Tori Brixx’s Instagram

The Motivation

Hours prior, Tori shared the initial clip which sparked her attention. She gave the now-viral model a major salute.

“Yoooo I just tried this sh*t ! 拎拎拎拎拎 She talented cause uhhhh 不不不 must be ankle strength” -Tori Brixx’s Instagram

Tori Brixx tries out the dance

Wait, There’s More

A few hours ago, Detroit rapper Royce Da 5’9 shared his own admiration for the online model. The rap veteran saluted the unnamed vixen turning up to Eminem‘s “Godzilla” anthem.

“I been Quarantined too long. I just stared at this and laughed every single time it looped around for about 5 mins丹踱儭 Please take my phone” -Royce Da 5’9’s Instagram

The inspiration – this video had Tori Brixx trying the same moves

Before You Go

A few weeks ago, Tori shared a gushy relationship goals moment with her fianc矇 Rich The Kid. Brixx lit up her Instagram page with a must-like shot.

“Rich the Ken & Barbie 拎” -Tori Brixx’s Instagram

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Rich the Ken & Barbie 拎

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Tori and Rich The Kid stare lovingly at each other