Vixen Tori Brixx wants her peers to keep grinding and growing. The hip-hop model took a moment from online slaying to dish out some pure motivation and inspiration to her fans.

Tori Brixx’s Motivational Talk

On Sunday, Brixx hit up Instagram with a message aimed at people self-improving. Tori stressed the importance of continuing to level up and working to make life even better.

“If you’re reading this, keep growing 😌” -Tori Brixx’s Instagram

Tori Brixx’s motivational talk is much-needed these days.

High-Key Details

A few days ago, Brixx’s fiancé Rich The Kid hit up his Instagram page with some serious must-like content. Kid shared a slideshow of pics boo’d up alongside Brixx in the ocean.

The inseparable couple take their relationship goals all the way to the beach for a new photo shoot.

Wait, There’s More

In early July 2020, a new pic surfaced of both Tori Brixx and Rich The Kid with their son Dimitri Rogers. The caption ignored recent robbery coverage involving Brixx and focused on how great their lives were.

“LIFE IS GREAT 💚” -Rich Tha Baby’s Instagram

Before You Go

The same week, reports emerged about multiple men with masks holding up a party Brixx attended. Around $100,000 worthy of property and possessions ultimately left with the criminals.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … We’re told there was a party at a rental house with 15-20 people, and sometime around midnight … cops say 6 men wearing masks entered via a back door and held everyone up. Our LE sources say the suspects were armed and demanded the partygoers’ cash, jewelry and phones. We’re told police are now looking for videos from around the area, but so far, no arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing. (TMZ)