Vixen Tori Brixx and Nas are keeping tabs on what’s happening around the country. Both high-profile entertainers have lit up their social media pages to react to protests getting more violent and explosive.

Tori x Nas

Both Brixx and God’s Son went to their Instagram pages this week with reactions. Tori shared a shot of a New York Police Department van getting set on fire while Nas reacted to a burning building in Minnesota.

“5/29/2020” -Tori Brixx’s Instagram

Tori Brixx shares pictures of the explosive and violent protests

“Minnesota my heart is with you!” -Nas’ Instagram

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Minnesota my heart is with you!

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A Different Perspective

On Saturday, rap executive Wack 100 shared his take on peaceful protests turning violent. While supportive of people standing up against police brutality, the high-profile hip-hop manager urged folks to not destroy businesses.

“That store did NOTHING to US! A lot of IGNORANT sh*t going on . Doing sh*t just to do sh*t. Every move should be a step forward not a step backwards. Some of our PEOPLE work at these businesses …. Target what counts our children are watching …” -Wack 100’s Instagram

Wait, There’s More

The protests in support of slain black man George Floyd have also impacted cities like Atlanta. Some people have sparked violence against buildings including news network CNN.

Before You Go

The protests have received heavy support from entertainers to politicians. Rap heavyweight Cardi B and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo have publicly shared their support.

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@nygovcuomo continued #Respect

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