[After recently putting out his new “Entitled” solo album, Coney Island, New York native Torae tells SOHH if hip-hop heads can anticipate a follow-up to his Skyzoo collaborative 2014 “Barrel Brothers” album.]

We don’t know [if there will be a “Barrel Brothers” follow-up]. We haven’t discussed it. It wasn’t like we sat down and planned it out, “Yo, we’re going to do this one and then we’re going to follow it up.”

It was the timing, it was the demand, the people were asking for it for years.

He had a clear schedule, I had a clear schedule, and we were just like, “Yo, let’s do it now.”

If that time happens again and everything lines up, then we’ll get another one.

But that’s my brother. We’re always going to rock, we’re always going to do joints together whether it’s a full length or not.

We’re always going to rock.

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