[With Tom Cruise’s "Top Gun” 30th Anniversary Blu-ray/DVD now available, actor Rick Rossovich tells SOHH why 80s flicks keep getting remade and how come a "Top Gun 2” may never happen.]

I think a lot of decisions are being made because of the business and movies have to be made and they like they idea of there being a return, so they’re going to go back to the well as much as they can.

With that being said, “Top Gun,” “Terminator,” and “Terminator 2” is a much bigger movie, better movie probably, but you look at the “Terminator” movie that I was in, that was the one where the Library of Congress selected. That’s the one that first headed over to China.

The same thing was true about “Top Gun.” They made derivative movies right afterwards. But “Top Gun” is what it is and I’m sure if there was ever another film made [it[it’d have to live up to the first.]

Paramount is more than protective of the first one and would never do anything that diminished the quality of what we did. If they want to build on it god bless them.