[With Tom Cruise’s “Top Gun” 30th Anniversary Blu-ray/DVD now available, actor Rick Rossovich tells SOHH how much freedom director Tony Scott gave the star-studded cast during the classic movie’s production.]

[Director] Tony [Scott] was really a beautiful person and he really fostered such a vibe on the set. We all kind of came together as a group. We all knew our parts, we all knew what buttons to push but Val [Kilmer] was really inventive.

There was that scene where we meet the flight instructor and we’re all sitting at desks during the roll call and she’s talking, then all of a sudden Val blurted out, “Bullsh*t!”

That wasn’t in the script. It was such a spontaneous moment. Val knew what he was doing. He’s a clever boy. He’s a brilliant actor and really let it all hang out.

I could see where he was coming the day that I met him. I love that guy. He kept it really alive and fresh that way. A lot of these little things just happened.

Tony really just let a lot of stuff go. You felt you could really be in that moment. We all had testosterone.