[With movie fans celebrating Tom Cruise’s “Top Gun” 30-year anniversary this month, actor Rick Rossovich tells SOHH how their flick turned into a game-changer for the movie biz.]

When I first came into the business, it was the late 70’s and you really had a lot of gifted filmmakers closing out that decade, we all know the names, and it was really the high water mark for cinema.

Then the 80’s kind of came and it was kind of like, “Okay, what’s the next chapter?” I really feel like “Top Gun” in the middle of the decade was some old-fashioned filmmaking in a way.


The editing process and everything was real. It wasn’t a bunch of phony bullsh*t that a lot of movies became toward the late 80’s with all of the computer stuff.

This movie had a lot of signature. There was a lot of action but then you had the romance and the adrenaline and good music. It was something that really hasn’t been done before.

It was a picture that really showed you what “Top Gun” was about. That really happened.

Then you see what Tony Scott did. He was one of the maestros from that decade. That’s what it was really about.

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