Top Dawg Entertainment‘s Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith is ready to start unloading new releases at the start of 2017. The hip-hop executive has hinted at plans to roll out protégé SZA’s long-awaited LP.

Dawg went to Instagram this past holiday weekend and publicly reached out to SZA about getting new TDE projects in store shelves.


Recently, Top Dawg promised to soon announce what mystery TDE-related mystery album arrived in 2016.


In December, TDE’s ScHoolboy Q announced plans to put out a new album in 2017.



Last summer, Q announced something extremely personal had happened in his life in the wake of his Blank Face album release.

“First off, I just want to say there’s a lot of stuff going on. It ain’t just about me and my music. It’s tough times right now. So I’ve just been trying to stay off the Internet as much as possible and I’ma wait for the feedback a little later. I’m going through some things in my personal life and a lot of things just crashed in on me the day my album dropped and it’s kind of hard for me right now to enjoy this moment. This is probably one of the worst days in my life and it happens to be the day that my album came out. So it’s a little hard for me right now.” (Real 92.3)