Top Dawg Entertainment‘s Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith has teased fans about the status of protégé Jay Rock‘s next solo album.

Top Dawg posted up in-studio footage Friday (August 12) and promised Rock’s album had neared completion.

We working, wut y'all doing ? @jayrock project 80% done.. #TDE

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In early August, Top Dawg president Dave Free hinted at a new TDE release date.

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Last month, TDE’s ScHoolboy Q spoke out on Rock suffering a near-death motorcycle accident this past winter.

“Jay Rock’s crash, ah, [laughs] that n*gga got on a motorcycle, I told his dumba** don’t get on no motorcycle and he got on it anyway. I told him that, ‘You’re going to crash that motherf*cker.’ But nah, he’s alive, man, so we clown [him]. … My heart dropped. It was funny [after he survived]. I told him I was going to see him in the hospital and I didn’t see him.” (Hot 97)

In June, Jay Rock dished on the injuries’ seriousness and explained how he bounced back.

“I was just doing what real dudes do,” Jay Rock said in an interview when asked if he could explain what happened. “I was on my bike. You know, accidents happen, that’s all I can say. By God’s grace, he protected me the whole way. Real talk. I had broke my leg and cracked my pelvis. Yeah, but you see, it only took me a couple weeks to get back out here. Can’t bring a strong one down.” (Sway’s Universe)